About Zeifie

What is Zeifie and how does it work?

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What is Zeifie?

Zeifie is an app aimed for personal safety. But it’s also so much moret than that. It’s a community and a way to create a safer society, together with stylish and functional accessories that can activate the app.

When you activate Zeifie, a text message will be sent to other Zeifie users that are nearby regardles of whether you know them or not. Anybody can download the app, register (we seriously care about your safety) and receive text messeges from others in need. Moreover, you can also choose to send an alarm as a text message to your friends and family even if they are not nearby.

Hence, by downloading the Zeifie app, we create PeerSafety and thus form a community of Good Samaritans that wish to make the society a safer place for all!

How to activate Zeifie?

Zeifie can be activated directly in the app. However, it is also possible to activate the app with a simple push of a button.

The compatible button can be connected to your phone by Bluetooth. When in need of help, simply push the button for 3 seconds and the alarm will be sent to pre-selected recipients as well as to other users nearby.

The button comes with three different accessories so you can easily find a way to work it in your daily outfit.

Given the combination of compatible bluetooth button and the use of PeerSafety, Zeifie is a much faster, smarter and more efficient solution on the market. The risk of being attacked increases when you least expect it. Therefore, it is not optimal trying to find your mobile phone, open it, find the app and then activate it in a vulnerable situation.

What happens when I activate Zeifie?

When the app is activated, a text message with a link to your position will be sent to your pre-selected recipients. Simultaneously, a selected number of users nearby will also get a push notification that someone is in need of urgent assitance. If they respond to the alarm they will then be able to see your position, your first name, photo and any medical information that you may have included in the app.